Baby Care Tips

The mother of the baby in the most busy person on earth, where it is not very gathered about him in relation to the daily routine – as opposed to the baby.


Everyday she is to care for the craft feeding, sleeping, clothing, changing and bathing. This is the best milk to feed their children. Please do not forget that he is the first milk of yours because it contains colostrum, which is essential for the immune system of the child. Always follow up the body’s resistance and the child is a healthy one in the future.

If the child is breast-feeding, the food that causes problems in the body may be communicated to the baby as well. Foods that cause gas or cold should be avoided or the baby will have uncomfortable state or congestion.

Bottle feeding

If bottle-feeding a baby for some reason, you must ensure that the well-sterilized bottles, clear. Scrub washing them. Simmer for 25 minutes to kill unwanted organism that may be developed due to the fermenting milk. Steam sterilizer and cold sterilizer methods are also what one has to consult an expert, and will ensure that these are available on the market.

Baby sleep

The materials needed to make the baby sleep in a good, firm mattress, sheets and blankets. Keep one feet distance from the front range of the baby if the baby is lying in a bed together. Should not be unnecessary clothing or clothes around the body of the craft and beds, which can cause temperature rise and heating. The baby will not talk about it, and you should be sensitive enough to remove the body coverings as possible. There must be a mosquito net, or at least a netted covering around the baby to keep away the flies and mosquitoes.


Also should be light cotton summer dress. When the child is taken out, make sure that the head is not exposed to direct Sun in winter may be sweaters, trousers and other wool.


The crafts diapers should be regularly replaced. The craft shall be fixed periodically by the routine of potting and wetting. Despite the fact that the routine, the baby may need changing because of the early nature calls at the time. This craft right to feel dry at every moment. That the bed is not wetted and the smelly clothes and bed sheets are removed.


The baby needs a mouth washing cotton. A tub big enough to hold and easy to wash should be made available. The baby should be given to the water, which may be assessed if leg splashing which is very different. The baby should be rubbed with baby oil and baby cream. The nail clippers to use the bathroom in time. After bathing, your baby should be dried thoroughly, and apply the baby powder.


The baby should be immunized against small pox, measles and BCG within 3 months of age. The first DPT (diphtheria, tetanus, Psertussis, polio, Hib, meningitis C) due within the first 2 months after the 2nd and 3 a one-month intervals. The MMR vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella shall be made within 1 year. A booster should be taken after the baby is 4 years old.

Training and education

Though regular training and education should not be started before age of three years, the childs behavior and sense of discipline cultivated through the discipline the mother maintains. If the mother is calm against odds like the baby fever, or dysentery while making sure the baby’s care, the child will have the idea to be calm against disastrous times.

The most important baby care tip

The parents should find enough time to spend with the baby.