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Traveling with “a Bump” and/or Small Children

Traveling pregnant is just a warm-up exercise for your life for the next few years. It’s a peek into your future living with a 2- to five-year-old. You’ll know the location of every restroom along your route! Then there’s the moodiness – being bothered by everything, including but not limited to whining, crankiness, and cravings. […]

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Time For Baby Shower Fun And Games!

Party equals fun time! And baby shower is no exception! When you create the guest list for your baby shower, you will probably see that you have gathered together an eclectic group of family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church friends ñ most of whom won’t know each other! The best way to break the ice […]

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Planning For A Baby Shower

Who doesn’t get excited when a baby is on its way? Aside from their caring mothers, everyone in the family gets that certain thrill. Welcoming yet another being in this beautiful world comes with a certain joy. So how else can you celebrate a soon-to-be-child arrival? Have a blast with a baby shower party. Aside […]

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Refusal To Breast Feed

Sometimes, a baby that is breastfed may suddenly decide to refuse to breastfeed. The baby will pull away from the breast, then toss his head from side to side. This can happen at any time, so there really is no way to predict it happening. Reasons why Refusal to feed on the breast could occur […]

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