Baby Care: Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is one of the most important parts of baby care but it does not need to be done instantly – after all, your baby will not have teeth right away. There are many questions that parents have about this stage of a baby’s life, so it is important to answer as many as possible.

When to Start Cleaning

This form of baby care  needs to be done early. As soon as you start to see a tooth appear, you should get into the habit of cleaning the pearly white teeth two times a day.  The earlier you start, the fewer problems you will have of getting into this regime; your baby will get into this habit and will not have the chance to hate it.

You could find that your baby gets his or her first tooth at six months old; however, some babies will not have any until they are one. Just like every pregnancy is different, so is every baby and the development. By 24 to 30 months, you should find that your baby as 20 baby teeth to be brushed.

The Type of Toothbrush and Toothpaste

You will not be able to use a toothbrush for this part of baby care right away. This is especially the case when only one or two teeth appear. Instead, it is best to have a muslin sheet with some toothpaste on it. As you do get into the toothbrush stage, you should find a small one that has soft bristles. The last thing that you want to do is upset the gums and cause pain. Toothbrushes usually state clearly the ages that they are designed for so look for a suitable one for your child.

It is safe to use some fluoride in toothpaste. The fluoride is good because it will help to fight against tooth decay. However, it is possible to have too much and in such a small body, this can have some harmful side effects. When you do buy toothpaste for your baby, it is very important to look at the amount of fluoride that is used – you should find one that has no more than 1000ppm.

It is important to teach your baby to spit out the toothpaste right away as swallowing it will lead to the harmful side effects occurring. If your baby spits the toothpaste out, you will get away with using the ordinary types because it will not absorb into the body in high amounts.

When to Clean the Teeth

An important part of baby care is to get your little one into a routine. Your baby will then know what is going to happen when and will also get used to when it is bed time and when it is just nap time. The best times to clean your baby’s teeth are in the morning and just before bed time, after you wash it and put some lotion on its skin – the same time that you clean yours! Make sure you do the cleaning after the last drink to make sure that no plaque builds up over night.