Baby Skin Care In The Sun

The world certainly isn’t getting any colder and sunlight is full of dangerous UV rays that can cause both short term and long term damage to your baby’s skin.

While global temperatures continue to rise and traveling with your baby continues to get more difficult, parents are always on the lookout for some help to keep their baby as safe as ever.

Whether you’re looking for a cream based solution or protective clothing you should have an idea of the most effective methods of sun protection for your baby.

Today, we’re going to take a look at 3 essential ways to safeguard your baby from the sun:

1.) Baby Sun Block Creams

Needless to say, if you’re buying a sun block cream, make sure it is formulated for your baby’s skin. Other normal creams are not advised whatsoever since they may cause irritation. Be on the lookout for creams that provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Applying Sun Block on your baby’s skin doesn’t mean you should let your baby be in the sun all day. Keep your baby under the shade as much as possible. No cream will provide 100% protection even if they claim to do so and gambling with your child’s skin isn’t good practice either.

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2.) Protective Clothing

To protect the face consider buying a hat for your baby. A hat will provide an efficient solution to your baby’s face and neck provided it has a wide brim. You may also consider a legionnaire hat for a boy. Go for hats with preferably lighter and brighter colors, don’t go for any blacks and dark blues at all.

Make sure the hat is a comfortable and slightly loose fit otherwise your baby will be itching to get it off right away.

As far as other clothing goes, cotton with light and bright colors is the best sun solution.

3.) Stroller Sun Protection

Making sure your stroller comes with adequate sun protection is a must. If you’ve already bought a stroller then check if there are any parasols (spring shades) that are available for your stroller.

Most times there are universal stroller parasols in the market but it helps to have the one from your stroller company since it’ll be the best fit.

That’s about it, follow these simple steps and your baby should be a lot safer outside on a sunny day!

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