Baby Travel Safety

There are events that you will want to go for a weekend vacation with your baby. However, you become anxious with the new baby that if he is not mature enough to adjust to the change of new environment or handle the exhausting travel. Going out with your baby can be very fun if he/she is enjoying the environment with you.

Baby’s Safety

Here is a list of important travel accessory and tips for your baby’s safety. These guidelines will make your vacation a memorable one.

• Obviously, no parent would want baby to get sick while on a vacation. Therefore, parents must carry their babies to their health care provider for a consultation at least a week before going to a vacation.

• As a parent, you should acquire age appropriate child seats and restraints for your baby and young children. If your baby is 1-year-old below that means a rear-facing car seat should be installed correctly in the backseat.

• If traveling by ferry, plane or car, it is advisable to change your baby’s nappy to make him comfortable. In addition, when in the plane, feed baby with milk during takeoff to lessen pressure in his eardrums.

• Don’t let yourself get distracted by your baby and children in a car. If things get out of control within the car, find some safe place to pull over and deal with the problem. There are on-road accidents that involve adults because they were turning round to check their children who were moving and playing.

• Don’t forget to bring your baby’s important things such as water, nappies, milk, extra clothes, and medications for your baby’s specific health problems such as those for asthma.

• You can bring a hat and a jacket, and also bring a mild baby sun block to get ready for any change in temperature.

• Don’t forget to bring some baby wipes for an instant wipe-up for infant while in the plane.

Baby Car Seats

Baby seats are ideal for nine months to one-year-old babies, weighing up to thirteen kilograms or until they can support their own head. This type of seat faces backwards and is fitted into the rear of the car with a seat belt.

• If you want to purchase a baby travel safe seat, choose the bulkhead seats if your baby is an infant. This type of seat is meant for babies kept safely in a bassinet.

• Make sure your baby’s car seat is fitted snugly every time you use it. There are tendencies that straps and seat belts are loosening when your baby has been moving around in it during the car travel.

• Baby seat should not be placed in the front where the front seat is protected with an airbag. Forward-facing restraints must be as far back from the active frontal airbag as possible. Read the car handbook.

• You can carry some of your baby’s favourite toys, CDs, security blanket, stuff toys and books to make him enjoy while in the trip.

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