How to Get Pregnant Now

How to get pregnant now might be the question many of us who’ve been trying to have a baby ask every time we take a pregnancy test. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to think about having a baby or if you’ve been trying for awhile. This can be a frustrating experience for those who want to have a baby badly. Certain factors or unknown causes can be the reasons that delay the process, some will require medical attention from doctors.

Many people who are reluctant to go through with medical procedures are looking into holistic and natural infertility solutions. Some of the natural remedies can effectively increase your chances of conception.

First of all, you might want to be informed of the basic information that makes one person more fertile than the other.


By having sex as often as you can without contraception is not the right answer either. Many people haven’t even heard of the word ‘low sperm count’ until they try to have a baby and find out they are confronted with the problem.

The following tips are the clip note of how to get pregnant now

  1. Be aware of your ovulation period. : it is not accurate to say women with regular periods are more fertile than the ones with irregular periods. It is just easier for them to predict the ovulation period so that they can make love more then hence increasing the chances of conception. If you happen to have irregular periods, make a good use of fertility calendar and take notes of your ovulation symptoms to find out when you ovulate.
  2. Using a thermometer to measure your temperature to find out when ovulation period. You will be able to know which time of the month to have more sex to increase the chance of getting pregnant. However, it is not recommended you overdo it. During that time of ovulation, make sure to have sex every other day to allow your partner to produce enough sperm count to maximize the chances of conception. Starting a couple of days before you ovulate, then do it every 2-3 days throughout the period.
  3. A well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can dramatically improve your partner’s sperm count. Caffeine may increase the risk of endometriosis, a known cause of infertility. (It is known to damage sperm.) Limit the intake of cholesterol and sugar in your everyday servings. If you happen to be overweight and pregnant, find a proper exercise and consult your physician to manage weight gain during pregnancy.
  4. Hydrotherapy is another effective natural fertility technique. Making use of water as a therapy to help reduce stress and anxiety levels and improve your overall health will prepare your body to conceive easier.
  5. Prepare your body to be ready for pregnancy by taking prenatal supplements. It is important to stay healthy and prepare your immune system as well as the uterus to reduce the risk of miscarriage. Doctors usually advise women who try to get pregnant to take vitamin B complex and folic acid as they have been proven to reduce the risk of miscarriage and stress, making it easier for them to conceive.
  6. Always be cautious before taking types of medications or supplements, as some might not be suitable for people who try to get pregnant. If you’re on acne cure medication or happen to have acne prone skin, it is advisable to try natural remedies with organic ingredients. One of the recommended pregnancy acne treatment that has been proven to work and to be safe for pregnant women is pantothenic acid acne treatment.
  7. Baby gender selections can be done naturally. You can learn how to get pregnant with a boy or how to conceive a girl. They have been proven to help many couples to have boys or girls as they desired.


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